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Stereoscopic Panoramas and Google Cardboard – dribbble

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We recently had our annual tech conference at Autodesk. Our team wanted to show a new feature called Stereo Panoramas, intended for Google Cardboard. This is a production level prototype so it still could use some refinement. 🙂

Feel free to take the customer data we’ve curated on this site for a spin. Be sure to turn NFC off if you have the RFID chip installed in your Google Cardboard.

“Frictionless” no app install required. Runs in newer iOS and Android browsers.


Iterative Design and Production Level Prototyping

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Recently I’ve started exploring direct manipulation web builder tools. Here is a quick look at what I was able to easily create with WebFlow. It is my belief that we as designers will start to see more and more tools that put us directly in the driver seat for designing and producing new customer features through these types of tools. It will ultimately reduce overhead and streamline the design to development and ultimately design to production pipeline.

The days of the static design comps are over, and designing in the actual environment our products will live in is the way of the future. #NoPSDMovement

View the production level prototype live here.

Found Article: Contextual UX – Building Relevant and Customized Experiences

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Contextual UX is the use of context-aware technologies that allow us to design and build experiences that are personalized to meet unique needs of the individual user based on specific situation or context of use. Before we start, let’s look at two of the primary concepts that define the user experience from a human-computer interaction (HCI) perspective, explicit and implicit interaction.


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